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YASTIK HOUSES - Cappadocia is situated at quite part of Göreme.

Our Hotel is perfect for watching sunrise with balloons swing by.

Also surrounded by the ancient fairy chimneys and rock formats with the best views of Göreme / Cappadocia.

Our suites are designed in a sophisticated taste with a modern approach while reserving the historical and architectural details. The facility has 3 separate suites each designed with a unique interior touch. While we present our guests upscale services without any considerations, the variety in room selections offers a range for different budget options as well.

As though none of our suites are alike, every single corner has been designed one by one. This perfectionist way of approach created a complete design taste that surrounds the compound. With distinctive combinations our interiors have an eclectic atmosphere that is created by mixing modern designs with vintage and antique furniture. Many of the decorative items also have an antique value and collection pieces as well as the artworks that enrich the interiors of YASTIK HOUSES - Cappadocia.

Having the benefit of the great views, YASTIK HOUSES also provides YASTIK LOUNGE area where you can have your organic breakfast also chill and enjoy our local drinks & snacks in the garden spaces and terrace. The structure is also supported and enriched with courtyard and shady green areas to provide our guests cool and comfortable areas to enjoy the outdoor of our hotel.

As Cappadocia visitors are into the natural outdoor beauties and historical culture of Cappadocia we offer a range of services in order to make sure that our guests use their time the most possible efficient way.

Within great respect to the historical value of Göreme town and the region, Our hotel is a combination of classical houses that carry typical architectural details of the region.

The owner and founder of YASTIK HOUSES Faruk Ciftci has turned the old Cappadocian house, which he designed every corner of him self, to a hotel, thanks to his knowledge of Cappadocia architecture and his interest in nature and art.

Being a family business, YASTIK HOUSES will be honored to host you.

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Live Support
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